nichola  theakston

Works currently available in the studio.  Please contact me for further images and details.

 Prices  £1250 - £8000

'Hare Head study 2'

Bronze edition 24.  27cm h x29 cm l.  Limited availability. 

'Crested Macaque 7'

Unique study in Black Stoneware. 25cm h

'Macaque and Infant'

Bronze edition 12. 38cm h.

Monkey sculpture
Bronze Monkey sculpture
Bronze monkey sculpture

'Crested Macaque 8 '

Unique Ceramic. 31 cm h  SOLD

'Monkey Sketch 1'

SOLD.  Please  enquire.

Bronze edition 15. 16 cm h

'Monkey Sketch 2'

Bronze edition 15. 18  cm h

'Arctic bear' SOLD Please enquire

Bronze edition 12. 46 cm l x 26 cm h

'Sacred Cow 3'

Unique Ceramic. 63 cm l x 55 cm h  SOLD


Bronze edition 12. 34 cm h x 36 cm.  Limited availability.

'Draught Horse'

Bronze edition 12.  48 cm l x 46 cm h. Patina variation.

Bronze Boxing Hare sculpture
Bronze monkey sculpture
Bronze cheetah sculpture

'Shadow boxer'

Bronze edition 12. 71 cm h

'Return to Water and Dust'

Unique Ceramic. 55cm x 28 cm  SOLD


Bronze edition 12. 46 cm h x 39 cm l

'Sacred Langur'

Bronze edition 12. 32 cm h

'Fox head study' SOLD Please enquire

Bronze edition 12.  40 cm h. Limited availability