​nichola  theakston​

Limited edition Bronze Sculpture

£1300 - £9000

Patinations vary.  Please contact me  for information, and availability.


Edition of 12.  46cm h x39 cm l

'Still Rhino'

Edition of 12. 62cm l x 31cm h

                                                     ' Arctic Bear'

                                       Edition of 12. 46 x 28 cm

                                   'Draught Horse'

                    Edition of 12. 48cm l x 46cm h


     Edition of 12. 34cm h x 30cm x 36cm

'Shadow Boxer'​

edition 12. H 71cm

                            'Monkey Sketch 2'

                               Edition 15. 18cm h

                             'Monkey Sketch 3'

                                     Edition 15. 17cm h

'Monkey Sketch 1'

Edition 15. 16  cm h

                                                               'Sacred Langur' 

                                                              Edition 12. 32cm h

'Sacred Langur'

 Detail. Edition 12


                           Edition of 12.   39 x 49 cm  ​Edition Sold


                                                 Edition of 12.   59cmx 52 cm x 17 cm

                                        'Hare Head Study 2'

                                  Edition of 24. 27cmh x 29cm l

                'Hare Head Study'

                           Edition Sold.

                                 'Fox Head Study'

                      Edition of 12. 40cm h x 32cm l.