nichola  theakston

'Blue Bastet'

The culmination of a series of work inspired by the  Egyptian goddess Bastet, and the generational echoes apparent in the large eared and fine lined Oriental and Sphynx type domestic felines of today.  Terracotta, applied slips. 

'Tesem study'

Sighthounds and Podencos in particular have been a passion for many years. The time the past year has given for reassessment has been an opportunity to return to  and indulge a very personal response to the subject.

A study made in terracotta and now cast in bronze and mounted ready for patination.  

Edition of 12 .


Work in progress. A sculpture recently finished in clay and now with the foundry for casting in Bronze. 

Inspired again by the Sighthound/Podenco and Ancient Egyptian Anubis.  

'Bastet Study 6'

A strong  theme running through recent work.

Bastet is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess taking feline form. New studies in terracotta and bronze at varying stages are currently in the studio and with the foundry.

'Standing Silverback'

Latest silverback sculpture in bronze.​

Images taken at the foundry after the first wax had been cast, in the patina workshop and in the studio as the original was nearing completion on the armature. 

working waxes for bronze casting

The lost wax casting process is lengthy and specialised. Checking waxes is an an important part of the process. Bastet studies in bronze will be available shortly.